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Mathematics and Statistics

Our specialty. Children taking high school level (including IB HL and SL) will receive lessons and help completely tailored to their needs. Undergraduate level students (for all majors) can rest assured they're learning from former TA's.

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Besides mathematics I also love science. My other teachable for high school is Biology. I'm trained to teach high school science grades 9-10.

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Programming and Tech

We specialize in teaching data science but have plenty of expertise in all facets required to jumpstart your tech career: building side projects, preparing job applications, and succeeding in tech's notoriously hard interviews.

Our Story

Steven and I met in the B. Math Honours program at Carleton University in 2010. We've learned together and from each other - completing degrees that saw over 150 in our first year classes and less than 10 people walk out with us on graduation day. We discovered that we share a similar passion for teaching.

What makes us unique?

  • We truly work as a team, and you will only be taught by one of us - not a contract for hire.
  • We have applied what we learned outside of the classroom to the highest heights: I worked as a researcher in the field of cryptography at Carleton University, and Steven's a fully fledged techie with an amazing job at Shopify in the booming field of data science.
  • We have a history of passion for teaching: we both started teaching jobs since we were 16 and worked as tutors and teaching assistants throughout university. I'm now an OCDSB teacher with years of experience (including teaching IB) at various schools in ON and BC.

Our philosophy is simple: we focus on your understanding of the topic, your learning habits, and present relatable applications to cement your learning. We can help improve your grades, but we won't teach to the test. We believe that if you don't understand something, then it's because you haven't been shown the way that best works for you yet (and finding that way with you is what we love to do!).

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